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Sriram DhanyamRaju

Director of

Sriram Dhanyamraju, with a career spanning over three decades, across a diverse set of industries and roles (Board | CXO | Co-founder | Finance Director), has charted the life cycle of businesses, helping them maneuver through the phases of incubation, start-up, mature, transform and turnaround. He has catalyzed businesses to “re-Imagine” the future and has been working with them to design, build and operationalize the next-generation business idea. In this journey, he has helped augment the organizational capability to enable business to realize their full potential.

Sriram approaches transformation and change through a lens of sustainability and resilience which is led by people. The effort is to seed a culture of excellence and supporting leaders to overcome their immunities to change. He drives inter-functional collaboration to build centers of excellence and transform cost centers to value centers.

His areas of specialization/expertise have been:
– Curating business models for startups

– Design and Deliver large scale global initiatives/operations in a highly matrixed environment.
– Build Target Operating models taking an ecosystem view: People, Process, Technology, Partner, Customer and Cost
– Global off-shoring across business verticals: Core Operations, Shared Services, Manufacturing
– Supply Chain, Manufacturing and eCommerce

A mechanical engineer from University of Calicut, Sriram is passionate about the opportunities around the startup ecosystem and devotes his time mentoring and guiding them, from an ideation to a high growth, profitable stage.