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Sujay Ladawa

Product Lead of

Sujay is Passionate Engineer, creator, avid learner & abstract thinker, interested in developing innovative products/solution for the connected world from idea to revenue. Happy solving problems that bring about a positive change and make life better.

He remains curious about everything while trying to understand this technology driven world around. A person with diverse interests and experiences that includes Startups (Adtech, Fintech, Edtech, HR Tech, Mobility, Healthtech, Machine Learning & IoT) and a worldview about Financial markets, World Economics, philosophy, Vedic Sciences.

His exposure and understanding of diverse fields has given him an of the sense of interconnectedness of the world and a perspective of ideally what the future is going/needs to be and how to engage and help build it.

He is most happy building models of abstraction to better understand realities & experiences. Being part of the change that will change the world for good, is what gets him going.

He is actively engaged and immersed in the world of Startups providing his experiences and learnings to the new entrants.